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tagged kali ni pula datangnya dari [incik robinhood]. yey, mari menjawab soalan

1.Two names you go by?
eyfa, epa

2.Are you in a Relationship?
nop. single mingle. suitable word are not single but available.

3.Have you ever been given a rose?
a rose??? no. sum1 pless giv to me!! hehehe

4.Have you ever licked a photo?
no. im not dat crazy.

5.Have you ever been in love?
yup. but there's the only 1 really hard to 4get. i need to find new ways

6.Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
yup. God already have choosen the perfect 1 for me. and i hv to search for it. HARDLY!!

7.What's your current problem?
does he really meant to be with me??!!

8.Have you ever had your heart broken?
yup. still remember until now but easily to 4give the things that he have done to me. isn't im still in love with him??

9.Do you have a crush?
yup. n trying very best to win...

10.How many kids do you want to have?
hopefully 4.

11.What is/are your favorite color/colors?
every year will change.. hehe

12.Have you ever found it hard to tell anyone you like them?
yup. because im not easily fallen in love with sum1. but when found the best person really trying so hard to tell it.

13.Imagine youre 40 & your spouse just died would you get re-married?
just died??!!! no la. need a time to recover my self first.

14.What song do you want played at your wedding?
tercipta untukku, kau kekasihku and my all. hehehe

15.Do you like/love anyone?
huwaaa...i wish we happily together.

16.Do you think the person(s) you like/ loves love /likes you back?
he loves me...he loves me not..he love me...

17.Have you ever written a love song/ poem/ letter/ note?
huhu, once!

18.Do you want to get married?

19.Are you a shy person?
of cos la. gadis melayu terakhir.heheh

20.Did you have a good day today?

21.Where did you just get back from?
cineleisure damansara. midnite muvie.

22.What are you thinking about?
i need to finish up my CWP project. bile nak abs jawab soalan ni ntah...

23.If you could change something about you or anything what would it be?
all the mistake dat 1 have done. fly oversea...

24.Would you ever go back to any of your past relationships?
yup. hope the relationships not started...

25.Whose the closest person/people near you ?

26.Whats the thing you love most about the person you love?
his intelligent and integrity

p/s: incik robinhood. 0-0 ye?? xde utang dh kan??

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