Environment Day 2009

here's few picture on Environment Day 2009 organized by Solid Waste Management Faculty Engineering Unisel.
the event started at 9.30am and ended at 4.00pm. opening ceremony quite successful and everyone enjoyed it.
Nothing much to say actually. very exhausted that day. going bac
k hostel sleep until magrib.

me incharge booth DOE(Department of Environment. special thanks to Cik Noraini from DOE Selangor for all the exhibition equipment)

seminar on landfill management by En Imran from WorldWide Company

me and bear snaping pix in seminar. bored already...hehehe

who's taking this pix from back???!! paparazi huh?? :p

me wif si sengal dony

epa new scandal??!! hahahahaha....no la...with Bijan

-the end-

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