tagged by my 'GEDIK' sista :p [eyraZZ]

Do you think you are hot?
of cos la.....meowwww....we must compliment to our self..huhu

Upload a favorite picture of u...

Why do you like that picture?
bcoz i always appreciate all wat GOD hv created..(sayer sgt mude!!!)

When was the last time u ate Pizza?
last friday!! tx to mr manager pizza section 20. white satria. cute rr kamo!!

The last song u listen too?
dan sebenarnya by YUNA

What are u doing right now beside doing this?
jus came back from RCD2 class

What name do u prefer besides yours?
i luv my name. EPA. but its ok to call me zarifa, kakpah, zar, along...siti nurhaliza, erra fazira{kalau boleh sayer nak jadi semua org..yang penting kite ENJOY!!...cik bear suh ckp cm tuh...haha}

People to tag?
1. cik ain
2. cik awe
3. cik bear
4.mr bond
5. puan finie

Who is No.1?
my beloved housemate n bestest friend!! sayang kamo!!

No.3 is having relationship with...
amar!! nice to see both happy 2gether!!

Say something about No.5...
she will become MOTHER soon!! happy 4 u!!

How about No.4?
BOND?? my same batch member. (ble mau banje??? sudah kejer...)

Who is No.2?

MY dearest besh FRIEND!!! sayang kamo jugak!!


  1. EPA...environmental protection agency! hahaha

  2. eee...pe lak...EPA...environmental protection act ler?!!

  3. sebab ko dah tag aku epa....anytime jer aku boleh belanja ko...hehehehe...nak makan aper????ko cakap jer..hehehe