don't go knocking my door ANYMORE!!(i better off without u!!)

today is my 1st day of mid term break.

nothing much can i do today.

wanted to do my thesis but feel so lazy.

i hv to finish my thesis within this few day, b4 i meet my thesis supervisor in Wednesday morning maybe.

wake up about 10 o clock(fell so sleepy last night..i slept in front of my laptop..hehe).

then checking my email, friendster, myspace, n my blog plus chating.

about 12 pm i started to cooking 'masak cili padi ikan keli salai' and 'tempe' for lunch(just a simple lunch 4 my mom n me).

after that i go bath(finaly!! hehe).

after eating lunch, sit in front Tv and watch my feveret actresses 'Fazura' acting.

felt lil bit sleepy, but i hv to finish my thesis!!

come epa!!

now my mind is off with all LOVE n Couple things!

i felt so calm, nothing to think anymore.

lets it go same as blow of wind and come without invite.

its much more better.

all single ladies..put your hands up!!


time is up
no more cheat n lie
no more tears to dry
you n i, we're like so, 'bye bye'
i am over u
totally unblue
and i can hear myself saying
i am better off without u
stronger than ever and i
i'm telling u now
don't go knocking on my door
gotta stay away for sure
u say u miss me like crazy now
but i ain't buyin that
u better get off my back
its okay
i can sleep at night
it will be alright


  1. how thesis...epa buat gan saper???jgan kata gan jimmy...huhuu

  2. hahaha...of cos la bkn ngn uncle jimi...epa ngn abg dzul..meowww...hahaha...susah la sgt2 thesis ni..penin pale??!!