adikku kne buli??!!

you know what?? my only brother kne buli??!! how dare budak form 1 membuli adk sayer by taking his rm90 money!! that is his only money that he have(his saving...slalu tak mkn di sekolah kerana nk simpan duit). my brother is too naive of all this. thank God i have heard of his taking to his friend on the phone by this evening, later on, i ask him about 'kne pow'. my 3rd sister tell my mom about this, then my parent go to find that boy(go to his house and ask his parent). we found him, and my mom ask his mother to came to our house. cian to my brother kn? my 2nd sister NYARIS2 want to punch that brave are u?? huhu

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  1. eh,bkn aku ke y tenangkan dier bila abah marah dier..bengong! :)

  2. hahaha...salah yek??? adei...wanna tuh tlg teman la ko niii